About us

Michaelis Costing Systems, LLC, was established in the state of Pennsylvania in June 2023.  The company is owned and operated by Daniel Hill, who maintains the CMA and CFM accounting certifications and holds an MBA from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Daniel has been in the advanced managerial costing and performance management space for over 20 years, acquiring strong technical skills including ABC and RCA costing information systems, and the requisite databases and IT interfaces.

Daniel will learn your software and procedures quickly, aided by a strong base in managerial costing concepts.  He has delivered over a dozen successful advanced costing information systems and has worked with different custom costing software solutions.  He is also a certified partner of MyABCM software for both the Express and Corporate products.

Daniel co-authored the IMA Statement of Management Accounting (SMA) “Customer Profitability Management”, 2011, with Dr. Nabil Elias, PhD, UNCC, retired.